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Tell me again about the wedding
we did not have. How I did not wear white,
did not choke on tradition, did not blush.
All the weddings that were not weddings,
the vows that were just sneezing.
The road ahead painted on a wall and how
we sped over and over again into the brick. I say “we”
like you weren’t just watching me bruise.

Did you know I built us a home, laid the brick,
filled it with Jameson and apple-cheeked
children? I tried to slip the key onto your tongue
but you cannot kiss a smile. So my home is not
an honest home. So my home is an empty bed.
That’s the thing about heart break. It’s the
smallest of worlds ending. Everyone goes around you
smiling, like it’s nothing to close a door
Clementine von Radics (via clementinevonradics)

(via clementinevonradics)

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We Laugh


We laugh
So goddamn hard we can’t stop
And this is doing anything
Any old thing
Shopping in the grocery store
Driving a car
Waiting for a plane
Waiting for the dentist
We laugh
Waiting for the dentist
How many people do that?
If I had to pick one thing
To describe the…

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My Secret Garden

I have branches for shade when the sun gets too warm, and spaces in between when you can soak in the rays when you need them. Nuts and berries to provide you sustenance, flowers to provide you beauty and inspire creativity, and soft grass to tickle and delight your skin.

You can live here. Please stay a while.

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One Day

They said one day I’d find someone deserving of my love, my time, my affection. Someone who could love me as I truly deserved to be loved. Someone who could recognize and appreciate and truly cherish the person that I am. One day.

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Like a gentle rain on a summer night
You bring me peace.
Like a soft, warm blanket embracing me tight
You bring me comfort.
With a twinkle in your eye and that infectious smile
You bring me joy.
With thoughts that challenge and excite me all the while
You stimulate me.
Like armor to the unpleasantness the world can bring
You protect me.
Taking me as I am, accepting everything
You love me.

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